Hiring an experienced full time CISO can be very expensive. However, many companies does not require a full time security leadership role; service from an experienced team as per a fixed structure is what needed. That’s where a Virtual CISO (vCISO) adds value.

Our passion is to help companies to fighting an increasingly hostile information security threat environment by providing vCISO services. Unlike similar services in the industry, we bring-in multiple skilled individuals under an experienced profession to deliver the services. In short the companies get technical and non-technical skill sets since one person cannot deliver all aspects on information security.

Why we are Different

Our team of professionals have years of experience in handling cyber security for large organizations. We are a skilled specialist service, not a general practitioner.

With us you engage a highly-experienced vCISO along with a team of specialists who meet organization’s cyber security requirements in different domains.

As part of our vCISO service, CIPHERBEAM can function as a senior security executive for your organisation. Our vCISO server handles all aspects of Cyber Security :

  • Annual security planning
  • Define security strategy
  • Risk management
  • Security and compliance governance
  • Coordinating compliance activities
  • Security budgeting assistance
  • Security policies & processes
  • Internal security controls
  • Security tool implementation assistance

Why CIPHERBEAM’s vCISO Program is Unique?

Cyber security is a complex domain today. It requires multi-disciplinary skills to protect digital assets.

Cyber Security is a Multi-Skilled Domain

Hiring people for Governance, Compliance, Vulnerability Management, Tools Implementation, Audit Management, Regulatory Compliance can be costly affair.

  • CIPHERBEAM brings in multiple experienced professionals services under an experienced leader (CISO).
  • The teams execute tasks as per a granularly defined task sheet.

Managing Security Consistently is Challenging

Organizations have to manage various tools and technologies, complex integrations, regulatory requirements and audits.

  • CIPHERBEAM team implements standardized tools and processes on a fast track basis.
  • Various compliance, regulatory and audit requirements are mapped and monitored.

How to maintain healthy Security Posture?

Cyber Security is not a one–time project, it has to be embedded into the DNA of an organization. Cyber Threats are ever evolving and dynamic.

  • CIPHERBEAM brings-in onsite and remote monitoring and management capabilities at an affordable cost.
  • Helps to configure the tools correctly and monitor and manage them consistently.

Important Aspects of vCISO Services

CIPHERBEAM understands the information security requirements of companies since the leaders have functioned as CISOs of large organisations and handled regulated organisations. CIPHERBEAM’s vCISO program packs the following aspects to fast track information security and governance structure :

  • Information Security Governance Framework
  • Assist in Prospective Client Security Evaluations
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Business Continuity Framework
  • Security Audits & Assessments
  • Security Training & Awareness
  • Application Security, Penetration Testing
  • Remote Security Monitoring

Achieve and Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Management service to identify the regulatory requirements, rules, codes and standards applicable to their operating environment, map the requirements to internal policies and processes. CIPHERBEAM’s regulatory compliance management model focuses on compliance requirements of an organisation and implement a consistent approach throughout the organisation to ensure continuous internal and regulatory compliance. We help our clients to assess RBI, NHB, SEBI, IRDA and other regulatory compliance requirements. Our assessment and control implementation programs are designed to help clients to implement controls and meet compliance requirements.

Benefits to the Organisation from vCISO

We help our clients to assess information security risks, maturity assessments so that the organisation can review and prioritise its information security requirements. The assessment service is a combination of technology, process and people to get a comprehensive view of security posture. The audit services are designed to help clients to get a comprehensive view of the security posture and help them mitigate the findings quickly. Some of the audits conducted by us are listed below :

  • Cyber Security Posture Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessments
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessments
  • Security Architecture Assessments
  • Security Architecture Assessments