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As organizations face increased scrutiny from regulators, investors, and directors on the importance of corporate governance, it's becoming more important to streamline and refine processes and controls. Leaders are turning to internal auditors for additional assurance on the strength of their systems and risk mitigation controls.

Our focus is on effective risk mitigation through the establishment of robust processes, the institutionalization of the right internal controls, leveraging IT, and achieving performance improvements. With the increasing digitization of operations, organizations are generating more data across all business functions. To keep up with this trend, our internal audit methodology incorporates data analytics to provide increased efficiency, assurance, and value.

Solving key compliance challenges

Manual management
60% of surveyed GRC platform users still manage compliance with spreadsheets.
Many frameworks have duplicate evidence requests, which drive redundant activities.
Inefficient workflows
Compliance efforts are reactive to external audit deadlines.
Lack of visibility
Program status is assessed manually on an as-needed basis.
Business delays
Adding new frameworks is costly and time-consuming.

Achieve positive business impacts with
CipherBeam's compliance services.

Accelerate time to market
Leverage existing evidence and add new frameworks 50 to 90% faster with Compliance Essentials.
Reduce compliance costs up to 40%
Streamline workflows and improve outcomes with CipherBeam’s assessment and advisory approach, leveraging real-time visibility and intelligent guidance.
Improve security maturity
Focus efforts on creating new cyber controls and capabilities, not working through compliance requirements.

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